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In case you missed it - we recently launched a book club! The Rich Bitch Society is your official hub for the good up reading recommendations. Today we're doing it for the lover girls and sharing our recommendations for 5 romance writers that should be on EVERYONE's radar.

Tia Williams

Tia Williams is the author of titles like Seven Days In June and The Perfect Find. If you're a Netflix romcom lover you may be familiar with the film adaptation of the latter starring Gabriel Union and Keith Powers (amen). Let us be the first to say that the film couldn't possibly do full justice to Tia Williams' writing. This is an author that's going to give you a heart-wrenching love story wrapped in some seriously funny dialogue. She is VERY good at writing characters that feel like you and your best friends are kiki'ing at happy hour.

Kennedy Ryan

Probably best known for her recent bestseller Before I Let Go, Kennedy Ryan has easily earned her reputation as a romance queen. We here at Good Up haven't read a single book by this author we haven't liked. It might be because she always finds a way to balance a swoon-worthy romance with hard-hitting social commentary on real-life issues such as mental health, race, police brutality, environmental issues, and more. Her characters' lives even span across different industries you never knew you wanted to learn about. Not to mention? She is KNOWN for her epilogues that keep on giving! Our personal recommendations? Start with Before I Let Go and Reel to get those tears flowing. Then dive into her Soul series and Grip series, because we know you're not going to want to let go (get it?)

Abby Jimenez

Have you ever had a book make you laugh out loud in public? Allow us to introduce you to one of the most effortlessly funny romcom writers you'll ever read. The Good Up writers are stans of Abby Jimenez and with good reason. Some writers try (and fail miserably) to write books that manage to be romantic, funny, and conscious of serious issues such as abuse, anxiety, and more. Abby Jimenez does it responsibly and does it WELL. Our recommendation would be to start with the hilariously hilarious Part of Your World followed by its sequel Yours Truly. You won't regret it.

Beverly Jenkins

Let's just say this, if you're a Black woman then Beverly Jenkins should absolutely be on your romance roster. Her skill with the pen is undeniable and evident through her ability to combine some of the greatest love stories of all time with 19th century African-American history. You want to learn about the Reconstruction Era in the United States? Beverly Jenkins. You want to swoon over a shirtless man building the love of his life a makeshift school so that she can pursue her dream of teaching children? Beverly Jenkins. Her catalog is vast and can feel intimidating, but our recommendation would be to start with Indigo. After that? The possibilities are endless. Through The Storm (which begins The LeVeq Family series) is another one of our favorites.

Mimi Grace

Want an enemies-to-lovers story about a girly girl and a grumpy outdoorsy guy? Mimi Grace has one of those. Fake dating story between a baker and a boxing gym owner? Mimi Grace has one of those. Roommates -to-lovers? Yup. Check. We can't sing her praises enough when it comes to a short-and-sweet romance that will have you hiding your blushes in public. Our recommendation would be to start with her Lovestruck Series which features our personal favorite What A Match. She also just released Along For The Ride which we've heard nothing but good things about.

Already familiar with the authors on our list? Here are some honorable mentions for books we love in the romance genre:

Don't see your favorite? Comment below!


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5 Romance Writers That Should Be On Your Radar

Today we're doing it for the lover girls and sharing our recommendations for 5 romance writers that should be on EVERYONE's radar.

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